Be sure that your copier is secure in Cleveland

If you are in an information sensitive field, like law, accounting, or medical you have probably put a lot of time and energy into keeping you computer network secure. What about your copiers though? Copiers are an often overlooked security hazard.

  • Almost all copier since 2002 have a hard drive that is built in standard. This means that there could be images of copies you’ve made on your copier.
  • Not all of those copiers come with a data kit. Because many don’t know that they are a possible security issue, not all the data kits that come standard are configured correctly at the set up.
  • At the end of your lease agreement are you going to return your copier? You may be sending an un-secured hard drive full of your clients’ sensitive information to someone you don’t even know.
  • If you are in law, accounting, medical, government, or any field that handles sensitive data this should be considered.

If your looking for a copier that you know will be secure in Cleveland, please give us a call.