Discover What’s Hiding in Your Copier Lease

Banner-Copier-GalHidden Lease Costs in Cleveland

Leasing a copier in Cleveland is an exercise that should be treated with caution. Even the best leasing companies will put hidden, or not obvious, costs in to their lease agreements. Here are two examples of hidden costs to look for when reading the lease document.

A charge for filing the paperwork

There is often a charge hidden inside the lease for filing the paperwork. This includes work on the lease itself and other paperwork that may be needed during the process. These filing costs can add up, especially if you plan on working with multiple copiers with individual lease agreements. The easiest way to get around this fee is to talk to the sales representative. Most are more than happy to waive this charge just to close the deal.  If it’s $75 or so, that is not too terrible and may be expected, if it’s $300 you may need to look closer.

Automatic Insurance

Every leasing company wants to protect their interest, including the physical equipment that is leased out. To do this, they require every customer to have insurance. If no proof is given within a certain amount of time, the leasing company will tack on an automatic insurance charge. Make sure you talk to the sales representative about this and provide proof your company has insurance.

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