Xerox or HP Copiers Available

8700Cleveland Copier

Purchasing a Xerox of HP copier may require a significant financial outlay depending upon the model that you choose. Its print speed, the number of features and other characteristics of the machine determine the price of a copier. While selecting a machine with features that you will not use will add to your costs, it is also important that the copier meets the future needs of your Cleveland area company. This will prevent the machine from becoming outdated too quickly.
If you elect to purchase, rather than lease, a Xerox or HP copier, you will need to have it serviced on a regular basis. The type of service that you will require is based on the size of the machine, its features and how often it is used. You will have to find out what types of service plans are available and the costs associated with them. A copier is similar to a car. While major repairs are rare, they do happen and certain items need to be checked and serviced regularly. Often times, the service agreement and the items that it covers is tied to your warranty, which can be voided if you fail to follow these minimum service protocols. Contact our Cleveland area office if you need assistance with the purchasing or servicing a Xerox or HP copier.