Cleveland Copier Buying Tips

Our Cleveland Copier company has some quick tips if you are looking to have a color copier installed in your office. Before agreeing to whatever copier your representative is trying to sell you at his profit, make sure that the quality and cost are right for you. In addition, be sure you like what you see before you agree to a lengthy contract period. Our Cleveland Copier organization is dedicated to ensuring that your copying experience is always the best.

 Instead of having the representative show you samples of color copies that the copier can make, bring along some of you own paperwork to see what the copier can really do. This will give you a good idea of how the copier will work for you.
 Ask the representative if the cost to use the copier is raised if you make copies on Tabloid paper versus standard Letter paper.
 Check into Coverage Penalties. Coverage is normally based on an average 20 percent. Some companies will charge more money in direct proportion to the amount you go over the 20 percent. However, Cleveland Copier offers plans that give you the same price despite the amount of coverage you have, even if it is 100 percent.