Understanding Copier Shipping

If you are looking into copier contacts, or if your current contract is coming to an end, then this will be vital to you in the future. Many people make a huge mistake when thinking about copiers and only look at the beginning and middle of the lease, while ignoring the end. Understanding the backend of your lease could save you money and headaches down the road, especially when it comes to understanding copier shipping.

Copier shipping is an area that sleazy companies like to use against you for their own advantage. What many people don’t consider is that your leasing company is often not responsible for picking up your copier. Usually, it is the responsibility of the person who signed the lease to ship it back. This can be a huge surprise at the end of your lease.

For most people it will cost hundreds of dollars to ship their copier back. This cost is minimal for the leasing companies that already have relationships and deals with shipping companies. They know that you may not be ready to pay that amount of money and will use it against you.

They may suggest that you can get it shipped for free, if you sign another lease with that company. They will pay for it for you if you agree to keep working together. They  are essentially bullying you into getting another contract with them.

At Copier Cleveland we think this is a bad way to do business. It’s dishonest and sneaky. We let our customer service speak for itself at Copier Cleveland. Come in and see what makes us different. We will get you a fair lease that truly helps you grow.