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You Deserve to Have All the Information You Need to Lease a Copier!

We take the time to ensure you have not just great pricing for your next copier, but also all the options

Thank you for choosing us for all of your copier needs. Making the right copier should be easy. We offer resources for your Cleveland company to ensure you have the best choices available on your next copier. Do you need color? We can help! We also have desktop and floor standing copiers available with all of the finishing options too. We help you look at your lease and look for items like automatic escalating rates. We are here for you!

We Do Not Believe in Hidden Fees! Here's how we save you money:

No Coverage Penalties

No Cost for Lease Paperwork

Free Installation

Free return of copier at the end of the lease

Free Shipping on supplies

Copier Lease Rates - How Computed

Have you ever wondered where your copier lease amount came from?

When you are leasing a copier, there is something called the Lease Rate Factor which copier companies use to compute their costs.  This is a simple chart where the amount of the copier is multiplied by a factor to create a payment.  For example, a 3 year rate that is typical is you are returning the copier is .03

What this means is if a copier is $5000, the lease payment would be $150 per month for 36 months.  You would return the copier at the end of this time.  That being said, you can even work the math backwards if you want to see what your copier costs - on a 3 year - $150/.03 = $5000

The difference between $150 and $170 seems a lot less than $5000 vs $5,666 for most people.

Want to see what a copier lease will cost you?

We have some qualifying questions, but we would love to get you a quote.  Our questions tend to be - what paper size do you need?  Do you need color?  How many prints a month?  New or used copier? Stapling needed?


Cheap Supplies

Learn how some of our color machines can cost about 6 cents a color print!  This includes freight (most companies charge for copier supplies shipments).  We make it easy to know your exact costs.



Find documents into just a few seconds rather than a 20-minute ordeal!  We partner with Square 9 to give industry leading document management solutions.


Super Techs

Our techs make sure that you have the right drivers installed and keep your copier running properly.  We use Xerox factory technicians for all your service tickets.

How Do I Learn More?

If you want to learn more about leasing your next copier in Cleveland from us

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