Used Copiers

Lexmark_X654deWhy a Used Copier From Us Makes Sense:

If you are in the market for a used copier in Cleveland, we have some great options for you.  As a copier dealer, we have our own technicians who go through every copier before it is sold to ensure the used copier you purchase from us will last.  Used copiers can have a distinct advantage to a new copier, especially if you have a business plan that assumes the replacement or upgrade of the copier after 3 years or so.   A used copier, like a used car, can have a lot of the “high end” features for a small fraction of the cost.

A copier that was $12,000 3 years ago can be bought on the used market often times for about $3,000.  This major gap is a pain when you want to sell your copier, but can be your advantage when buying a copier.

Sometimes we also have demo units which may be on our showroom floor for 6 months to 9 months before we are ready to sell.  These units also come at a substantial discount and can still have a 5 year service plan placed on them,

If you are looking for a used copier in Cleveland, please give us a call today!