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Document Management

Rent or Own a Copier?

For the seventh time today, your copier refuses to work. It is old and has started to nickle and dime you at every corner. You have been presented with a problem. Do you rent or buy a new copier or do you hang onto your old one? First, having a copier that misbehaves constantly can…

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Reasons to Consider Document Management

Solving business problems through document management can assist your business, and while many small business owners have adopted a document management system, there are still some who do not understand the full benefits of implementing such a system. With a lot of paper in the office, you not only have to have a large storage…

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Improve Revenue and Customer Satisfaction with Document Management

We have plenty of benefits that go with optimizing your process with document management. You improve customer satisfaction, reduce your operational costs and you will have an improved profit picture. IDC surveyed 1,516 information workers and business owners. What did they find? They discovered that while respondents believed in achieving optimal efficiency, the majority did…

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Paper: is it Necessary?

While there is not disputing the fact that the world, to a large degree, is shifting to becoming more and more paperless, we have found that in many instances, there just isn’t any way to completely replace paper in the modern office place. Some people think that going paperless makes their company much more efficient…

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Cleveland Document Management

How you “capture” is no light matter. Something to consider in your search for document management is how you will capture your files. If you are going to use your copier to do this then it’s good to check and see if it will be compatible. Every manufacturer offers some sort of document management,¬†Xerox has…

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