Paper: is it Necessary?

While there is not disputing the fact that the world, to a large degree, is shifting to becoming more and more paperless, we have found that in many instances, there just isn’t any way to completely replace paper in the modern office place. Some people think that going paperless makes their company much Xerox-Phaser-3635MFPmore efficient and less wasteful. I am sure that this is true in a lot of cases, but it just hasn’t born out that being completely paperless is obviously better for companies with how they interact with clients.

It’s similar to ebooks. Sure, in a certain sense, it is very nice to not have to go to the store and buy the physical copy of the book, and it is nice that you can have an entire library in something that small, but, as most book readers will tell you, there just isn’t replacing the real McCoy. Giving someone a physical copy of something is just so much more meaningful than it is to just send them a digital document of that same thing. Emails are just so much easier to forget about and ignore than having a physical copy of something handed to you.

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