Cleveland Document Management

How you “capture” is no light matter.

Something to consider in your search for document management is how you will capture your files. If you are going to use your copier to do this then it’s good to check and see if it will be compatible. Every manufacturer offers some sort of document management, Xerox has the Scanflow Store, Kyocera has KyoCapture, HP has NetDocuments,  Lexmark has DocMP, Document Mall by Ricoh, etc. etc. These can be difficult to link to the devices that you currently have though.

A good system will capture, file, and retrieve easily. It shouldn’t be hard to link to your other devices, or what you have in place currently. If you are looking at a document management platform that requires this then you may be searching in the wrong place altogether. There are systems that easily link to everything.

If you want to find out more about document management we have a system that you won’t have to fight to get working. Feel free to call, we also do demos of this product.