Lease Renewals in Cleveland

Are you about to sign a lease renewal?

If you are about to get a lease renewal in Cleveland then there are some things you may want to know. We do not recommend lease agreements to our prospective clients.

  • There is no such thing as a free sandwich. The lending institution that financed the lease is going to want to get their money back one way or another. They aren’t going to “forgive” you the remainder of your lease, they will work it into the next one.
  • A copier should last the length of it’s lease. If it can’t do that then it was simply sub-par. Do you really want to sign back on with the same company that sold you such a machine to begin with?
  • Oftentimes these renewals are signed when the business is in a tight spot. Don’t fail to look at your options, there may be a better solution that you haven’t looked at yet.

If you need a copier and you are in the Cleveland metro area then we would love to help.