Copier Training for Cleveland

Cleveland, are your employees trained?

It’s remarkable that almost no businesses get trained to use their copiers. Your next copier will cost thousands of dollars (most likely). One reason that it costs so much is that many many hours have been put into designing the functions of the machine. For a few hundred dollars you could get your office trained, get to use the functions that you paid for, and avoid situations like the following.

We commonly hear about problems like this. You want to print a 1/4 page flier for salespeople to hand out. The person tasked with it’s creation will probably copy the full page flier, print it, shrink it, shrink it again, cut it out and past it to create the template. 20 minutes later you have your fliers, and your employee has a paper cut. Most copiers could do this in about three minutes, saving supplies, and create a higher quality finished print (because they didn’t degrade after being copied three times.

If you need a copier, or want training on your next copier, please call us.