Colorqube Copiers for Sale

Buying a Colorqube Copier?

Are you looking for a Colorqube copier?  Have you been visited by reps who push Xerox, or maybe you read about the advantages online somewhere…  Xerox has a great product with their Colorqube line.

First of all, there is the 3 billing groups.  There is a black and white (spot color), a medium color and a full color price.  If you print a document with a small amount of color, you don’t get billed at a full color rate.  This alone can save thousands of dollars a year.  Just imagine what your bill would look like if you only paid a penny, instead of $.10 when there was a color print with a tiny bit of color.  Just 2,000 of these a month (letterhead) could be $180 a month in savings!

If you would like a copier quote for a Colorqube copier by Xerox in Cleveland, give us a call today!