Copier Maintenance Tips

Three tips for keeping a Cleveland Copier maintained

Repairing a busted copier doesn’t always come cheap. Even if your Cleveland area business has a good technician on staff or a great service contract, there can be significant cost involved. There are some tips and tricks to help while also keeping the machine maintained. This will cut down on copier repair visits and extend the life of the copier.

Keep the copier in stand-by mode

When leaving the office for the night, keep the copier in stand-by mode. This won’t turn the copier off, but will keep it at low power. This helps with starting the copier again in the morning, but also has the added effect of drying any latent moisture in the machine. This will help lengthen the life of the copier parts.

Don’t use cheap paper

Always use the best paper that your business can afford. Shoddy paper can leave bits and pieces of itself within the copier machinery. This can build up over time and cause paper jams and damage.

Clean out the copier

Buy a small vacuum jus for the copier. If you don’t have a service contract on the copier, make sure to vacuum the copier out on a monthly basis. This will help keep dust and toner from building up on the inside.