Colorqube Copiers in Cleveland

The Xerox Colorqube 8700 makes Cleveland Rock

Cleveland is known as a city that both enjoys entertainment and keeps updated on new technology. This is a boon for any area business, since they are keenly aware of new products coming on the scene. The businesses in the city know the name Xerox as a good company that sells a great product. The new Colorqube 8700 MFP is a piece of equipment that should find a home in many Cleveland based companies.

One of the best features of the 8700 is the 40 word per minute output. This is a great printer speed for both color and black ink. No job is too large for this output.

The Colorqube is more than just a copier; it is a device that can be the center of an office workplace. When there is a need to email a document, it is easy to just scan it in to the 8700 and send it from the machine. There is no need to transfer it to a computer first. Combine this with two gigs of ram and a 320 gig hard drive and you have a technological marvel.

The 8700 is a great machine fit for any office environment.

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