Leasing a Copier in Cleveland

Happy_PiggyIt is time for your Cleveland business to read the lease agreement

When a business decides to lease a copier, there are many choices to make. Which Cleveland leasing company should your business go with? What kind of copier is right for your office? Whatever the answers to these questions are, keep in mind that you need to read the lease agreement before signing it. Some charges may not be obvious when talking to the sales representative about your lease.

First week fee

When a lease agreement is signed during the first week of the month, the lease company will send the first bill in about forty-five days. This leads to a charge for the month and a prorated charge for the extra fifteen days. This extra fee isn’t applied towards your lease. To get around this, wait until the last week of the month to start your lease agreement.

Time to pay

Find out how much time you have to pay after receiving the bill. Is this time after receiving the bill or a time after the date on the bill itself? If the bill isn’t paid on time, often a late fee is charged. Monitoring when you need to pay will help circumvent this fee.

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