Moving a Copier in Cleveland

While copiers make it easier to manage documents, they can pose potential physical and information security risks if adequate precautions are not followed. Depending upon its size, the machine can be heavy and injuries can occur if proper lifting techniques and equipment are not used. Some components can be extremely hot. You can burn your hand if they are touched when trying to clear a paper jam.

Several aspects of the machine can cause eye, throat and skin irritations. The primary cause is toner. It should be washed off immediately of it comes into contact with your skin. You should wear a dust mask when cleaning up spilled toner. During the copying process, the machine releases a series of volatile organic compounds and ozone. The UV radiation emitted by the laser used to scan documents can cause eye damage. Keep the lid down when operating the machine.

Many of today’s modern copiers have hard drives that store information in order to queue and properly execute multifunction print jobs. Adequate security measures must be taken to ensure that these hard drives are erased so that business and confidential information are not compromised.

Contact our Cleveland area office if you need to relocate or service a machine. We can also provide guidance on how to safeguard information.