Copiers in Cleveland

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Multi-function copiers can serve as fax machines and printers, which eliminates the need for standalone devices. You can connect a wireless enabled copier to your company’s computer network. As your staff sends their print and copy requests to the machine, it places the orders in a queue and prints the job. It is essential that you have a machine with sufficient memory to store the documents and process requests from multiple users.

The number of computers connected to your network, the typical volume and the complexity of the jobs will usually determine how much memory your copier needs. The machine should have sufficient capacity and multiple feed trays to accommodate the different types of paper that your company uses. Other useful features include collated printing and two-sided copying. These functions increase productivity because they reduce the need to leave the office workstation to manually adjust the copy machine.

While connecting copiers to your network can enhance productivity, it can pose security challenges as well. Xerox and HP have copiers with advanced security features that prevent unauthorized access to confidential information. If you need to lease or purchase a copier in the Cleveland area, give us a call. Our team can help you select the right machine to support your operation.