Data Security for Cleveland Companies

Internet SecurityDoes your copier have a hard drive? How do you know your information is safe when you send it back to the leasing company? Your copier can hold data such as :

• Employee Information
• Doctor/Patient Information
• Clients Information
• Social Security Numbers
• Driver’s License Numbers
This information can all be stored on your copier’s hard drive and is subject to be stolen if you don’t take measures to protect it.
Steps to Protect Yourself

There are a few things you can do to keep sensitive information safe. You don’t want to be responsible for other’s information left on a leased machine.

• When leasing or purchasing a copier, ask for the hard drive to be replaced or at least wiped clean before you sign.
• If returning a copier, either shred the old hard drive or run a cleaning program on it to ensure all information is gone.
• Purchase a Data Security Kit that will remove all information from your copier’s hard drive at least once a week.
Never leave sensitive information on your copier’s hard drive. There’s always a chance it can be stolen and used by data thieves. If they get your information you can be financially wiped out. Protect your and other’s information by being prepared and taking action first.