Xerox Copiers in Cleveland

XEROX Leadership

Cleveland companies looking for a copier should look to buy a machine from a rock-solid, reliable company. A company with great leadership is generally a company with great products and services. Nowhere is that more true than at XEROX, where Ursala Burns, the daughter of Panamanian Immigrants who grew up in a the NYC Baruch Housing Project has become the first female, African-American CEO of any Fortune 500 company. Burns first started working for XEROX as a summer intern. Having gotten her Bachelor’s Degree from NYU in Mechanical Engineering, Burns was began working at XEROX while still an Engineering Masters student at Columbia.

When Ursala Burns took the helm at XEROX from Anne Mulcahy XEROX became the only Fortune 500 company to have a woman succeed a woman in history. Over the years Burns headed up many divisions at XEROX, including leading the color copying and fax divisions. As the technology world undergoes great change Ursala Burns has lead XEROX through the development file sharing, wireless copying, and several other cloud products. If you are a Cleveland company looking for your next copier, consider Burns’ commitment to building XEROX great products and check out a XEROX.