Buying a Copier in Cleveland

Times Have Changed

Twenty years ago the typical business office was filled with file cabinets filled with thousands of copies of vital documents. The same office spaces had multiple computers each of which was connected to a desk-top printer. Most offices also had separate machines for scanning and faxing. Email was gaining a foothold as a form of communication and more advanced offices had servers for storing and sharing documents. Backups were made on floppy disks or on a tape machine.

Times have changed. Cloud computing and the proliferation of devices in our workplaces have changed office productivity. XEROX, the same company that brought dry copying and laser jet printing to the world is now modernizing today’s offices. XEROX now offers cloud based document management services complete with file sharing, versioning, collaborative editing, and document back-up. And XEROX cloud-based print management services give administrators and employees the ability to print from phones and tablets. XEROX has even developed an automated system for detecting supply shortages and automating refills of toners and inks.

Cleveland companies can find out more about XEROX’s innovative technologies by contacting a XEROX sales representative today.