Xerox Copiers in Cleveland

Cleveland Business Should Look at What XEROX Can Do

Companies in Cleveland, like in the rest of the world, are experiencing dramatic technological change. In a period of less than thirty years, offices have been re-arranged. The days of gigantic copiers, file cabinets, and mimeograph machines have long passed.

Walk into any Cleveland office today and one will see workers with smart phone and tablets. The desktop if not replaced already will soon be displaced by ultra-thin laptops and/or thin clients usually running fancy cross platform, cross device cloud applications.

Printers and copiers have changed as well. XEROX, the company which invented the dry copying machine and the laser jet printer has continued to evolve. Today, XEROX helps companies manage their files with a premium cloud-based document management system. The XEROX cloud powers applications for smart phones and tablets which route jobs to the nearest copier or printer. And when supplies run low, XEROX eConcierge software alerts administrators that it is time to order new supplies, and identifies which supplies to order.

For more information about how your Cleveland business can power their offices with XEROX printers, software, and cloud applications call your Cleveland XEROX representative today. Find out what a XEROX can do for you.