Xerox Tradeup Program for Cleveland Businesses

replacementThe Xerox Tradeups Promotion Benefits Cleveland Business Owners

Xerox printers are known for reliability and durability, but their price can be prohibitive. Many business owners avoid buying the new copier they know they need due to the sticker shock of that purchase. This practice ultimately harms your business, however, as older copiers often break down, and tend to use more power and ink than their more modern counterparts. Don’t sacrifice reliability, productivity, and efficiency in the long run to save money in the short term.

For business owners that are having trouble bringing themselves to buy the copier they know their business so badly needs, Xerox has a solution. It’s called the Xerox Tradeups programs. It allows business to trade in qualifying older copiers for cash back on the purchase of a new Xerox machine. The process is easy and simple, and Xerox even accepts copiers made by competitors.
First, contact Xerox for a quote on your existing copier to find out how much cash back it is worth. Next, pick out a new qualifying Xerox copier. Third, submit your proof of purchase and mail in your old copier. Xerox will even pay the shipping for you. In a short time, you’ll receive your check from Xerox for the cash back amount. That’s all you have to do.

If you own a business in Cleveland and are in the market for a new Xerox copier at a competitive price, look no further. Our friendly, trained staff will walk you through the process of selecting a new copier that is perfect for the needs of your business, and help you through the process of submitting your Tradeups claim. Contact us today and see what our business can do for your business.