Pay the Professionals

A common mistake after buying  a copier is for businesses to think that they can get away with not paying for a professional to come and install their brand new copier. A lot of times they think that the lexmark-t644IT guy should have the know-how to be able to come in and install their $7,000 machine even though more often than not the IT guy has little to no experience with copiers and even less experience with the particular copier that the business has just bought.

A lot of the time the set-fee is included in the price of the copier and this is very nice because your business won’t have to think about finding someone who knows how to set up your new copier, but just know that this does not mean that the set up is free – it just means that the price of the set up is included in the initial cost of the copier.

In the long run it always makes better sense to pay a professional to have the copier installed. It leads to a better operating copier and less maintenance cost for the life of your copier.

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