The Risk of a Used Copier

Buying a used copier can be a great idea if you are looking to save some money at the beginning of the copier buying process, but we will always warn people that it can also be much more costly down the road. You just don’t want to be stuck with a machine that ends up needing a lot of maintenance and repairs. th-30

It can be very similar to buying a used car. There are certain copiers that hold up over time, due to initial quality of the production, and, on top of this, it is very important that the original owners did not abuse the copier while they had it. This is why it is so important that you have a trusted copier sales person, who knows where to get the right kinds of used copiers and will not give you a copier that will not last over a long period of time.

We would love to help your Cleveland area company find the perfect used or new copier for the office. We have been dealing with used and new copiers for a long time and know just what to look for, and how to find you the appropriate copier for your office’s needs. Please give us a call at (216) 785-2650 and we will get the copier buying process started.