Maintain Your Copier

It is always more expensive to have a broken copier repaired than it is to maintain a copier on a regular basis. Even if your business has a great technician on staff it is always easier to try and Banner-Copier-Galmaintain the copier with a few of these easily done tips. 

Keeping a copier in stand-by-mode will help lessen the strain on your copier. When you leave the office at night or for the weekend, it is important to keep the copier on stand-by. This will also decrease the amount of power that your copier uses.

If you use cheap paper this will put extra strain on your copier because bad paper is susceptible leaving bits of paper in the copier machinery. This will cause unnecessary strain on your copier over a long period of time. This will lead to paper jams and just general damage to your copier.

It is also important to keep the copier clean. Keep a vacuum just for the copier so that you can remove dust and other debris that might build up over time.

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