Xerox’s New Copiers

Few brands boast the same reputation and history that Xerox has. Even though they have been around for almost a hundred years, they have still been able to stay at the top of technological innovation. A great example of this is Xerox-Phaser-3635MFPtheir latest line of light production copiers and printers. 

The new series includes the D95/D110/D125 copier/printer and the D110/D125 printer. All of these options for copiers and printers are meant to give the buyer plenty of value for the cost. The D series is meant to produce high quality black and white images while creating a high prints per minute, while reducing energy use and the usage of ink. Xerox has marketed the D series for environments where there is a high volume of copies are made, like schools and hospitals.  Anyone who needs a high volume of copies for a low cost, would love to have a model from the D series.

If your office space is looking for a great new Xerox Copier and would like to work with people who know the ins and outs of the company and the copier industry as a whole, please give us a call at (216) 785-2650 and we would love the opportunity to work with you.