Cleveland New Copier Sales

Purchasing a new copier in Cleveland will cost some money, but you can save a little if you know about demo units. Contrary to popular belief, those aren’t just the copiers out on the floor. Actually, most copier companies in Cleveland have a designated amount of demos annually.

If you don’t ask about this money-saver, sales representatives won’t bring it up either. This is especially true if it’s early in the year, because they have to use wisdom in how they disperse the small number of these units.

Another reason a Cleveland sales rep won’t just openly tell you about demos is that when they sell a copier, there’s usually a bonus in it for them. This bonus can be several hundred dollars, but it almost never applies to a demo unit. Can you see the dilemma? On the one hand, they could offer you huge savings, but on the other, they lose money.

So take some time to talk in depth with the sales rep when you’re scouring Cleveland for your new copier. If you ask the questions, you’ll save more money on your new machine.