A or X Toner Sales in Cleveland

Do You Understand the “A” and “X” of Cartridges?

Do you know what type of cartridge you need in your organization in Cleveland? Well, two types exist that you need to be aware of: the lower capacity (“A” cartridge), and the high capacity (“X” cartridge). Here are the differences:Volume of Output

The main difference is the volume of output of the cartridge. The A cartridge handles half as much pages as the X cartridge does. For instance, if the A cartridge prints 5,000 pages, a compatible X cartridge prints 10,000 pages.

The Cost Point of Printing

The cost of printing between the two differs by as much as $0.005, with the A cartridge being more costly. Let’s illustrate this point and see its impact on your overall printing costs.

Let’s imagine you handle 10,000 pages a month, the savings when you use the X cartridge are as follows:
10,000 x $0.005 = $50
This is for one copier for one month. Let’s assume that you have five copiers, working for one year:
(5x12x50) = $3,000
This is what you save on copier cartridge alone in a single year! Now you know where your copier savings lie.