Should I Upgrade my Cleveland Copier?

If your Cleveland business is in the market for a new copier, it’s important to consider some factors before making a decision to upgrade to a new color copier.

When you’re talking with a sales representative, they generally give you the details on the copier itself, and then they follow up by offering a free upgrade to a color copier. When you hear them making that suggestion, you should already be prepared. It only makes sense that the upgrade isn’t really free, or else the company would lose money.

Take the upgrade only if:
• You’ve already decided you prefer a color machine.
• You can manage employee color usage.
• You understand the difference between composite gray and black and white.

Don’t take the upgrade when:
• Your Cleveland office doesn’t require color printing.
• Monitoring of usage by employees isn’t guaranteed.
• The color copier you’re using now operates at a good cost of under seven cents.
• Your office prints in high volume.

Remember that you can get a great copier in Cleveland if you compare offers from different companies.