Which is Cheaper, Laser Printers or Copiers?

Is It Really Cheaper To Purchase A Copier Instead Of A Laser Printer?

Many people who are looking for a copier in Cleveland want to know whether a copier is more expensive than a laser printer. The answer to that question is it depends. When you are trying to decide between purchasing a copier in Cleveland and laser printer, you have to think about the total cost of ownership. The power costs, cost per print and maintenance costs are some of the things that are included in the total cost of ownership. It is also important to think about the cost of the laser printer or copier itself.

One of the reasons that people automatically assume that a copier in Cleveland is always cheaper than a laser printer is because they only compare the cost per print. However, that is an erroneous way of thinking. Only taking the cost per print into consideration when comparing the price of a laser printer and copier is just like only considering the miles per gallon when comparing the cost of owning two cars. A car may get fewer miles per gallon, but the total cost of ownership will be lower if it costs less and requires less maintenance. That is why it is important to take multiple factors into consideration when you are computing the total cost of owning a laser printer or copier.