Do You Need Ledger Sized Copies?

Cleveland Copier Tip: Avoid The Tabloid (11×17) Capability

At Cleveland Copier, we prefer to take a consultative approach in our sales. This means we value taking the time to determine what a business needs and what a business does not need for its copier.

One thing most businesses do not need from their copier is the ability to make “tabloid” copies. As the name suggests, this is the rather large 11×17 sized pages commonly associated with newspapers. In the day-to-day business world, such printing is rare. In fact, most business just use standard letter-sized 8×11 for copying and printing. Legal sized printing, 8×14, is also common for certain businesses. Yet, at Cleveland Copier, we find that the 11×17 paper sized is rarely, if ever, used.

Why make a fuss about this? Well, tabloid capability can easily add $2,000-$3,000 to the price of the copier. If a company is looking for ways to reduce costs, this is a smart way, as opposed to skimping on professional set-up or needed features, such as scanning.

As you talk with Cleveland Copier, or your provider of choice, make sure that you are keeping in mind what your day-to-day use is like. Get a copier that meets your normal needs and outsource the rest.