Some Questions to Address Before You Lease a Cleveland Xerox MFP

  1. How much should I expect to pay for 11 x 17 in copies/prints? Generally, 11 x 17 papers count as 1 click in a CPC (Cost Per Copy) plan. The industry standard is A4, and some vendors may charge 2 clicks for larger papers.
  2. If the technician or maintenance person makes service copies or prints during a service call, who is responsible for the costs associated? Of course you do not want to pay any more money for a service call, especially when you included the service plan in your lease that you are already paying for; it is not uncommon for technicians to use more than 100 copies/prints during service calls.
  3. Would my scans cost any money? Scans should never cost you any more money if it is an inherent feature of the copier you are using. Nevertheless, it is a good question to ask if your company is or will be using the features of a DMS and email transmissions of electronic digital formats. Paying for scans would be unorthodox, but you never know what a vendor is charging until you read the contract they have formulated for you.
  4. Are supplies and/or accessory deliveries extra, or are they included in the contract? If you pay out-of-pocket for your machine’s supplies and accessories, in a 3-5 year contract, that would add up significantly.