How to Save Money With Your Cleveland Xerox Purchase

Unless your organization is in the business of utilizing marketing collateral often such as advertisements, magazines, photographs, or presentations, you should avoid using color prints or avoid buying a Cleveland Xerox color MFP. Simply purchasing a copier that uses monochrome only will save you a great deal of money versus buying a color MFP that uses the four colors. Determine the budget for your copier asset, and determine the differences between the makes and models of the MFPs which you are considering.

While color versus monochrome copiers determine how much the copier will cost on a monthly basis and in the long run, whether you need MFP or copier features only is a significant factor. In most cases, a copier comes with standard fax, copy, and print capabilities, and any other add-on features will cost extra. If you are a medium sized business that hosts a number of computers or laptops, you would benefit from decent network capabilities. In most cases, finance and accounting sectors of your business will often need things like copy and scan features. Sales teams will need things like the printer and fax feature. If you are only purchasing or leasing one device, it is essential to address the needs of your diverse yet growing workforce.