Xerox Saves You Money

How Xerox Saves Business Owners Money

Want to reduce your printing costs? Today, most businesses use multifunction printers to control their expenses. Not to mention, this reduces the amount of precious space used in the office. In addition, combining the functions of print, fax, copy and scan reduce your energy consumption. Also, many Xerox machines come with an energy-saver mode, which conserves electricity when the device is not being used.

Xerox offers a software solutions that work with MFPs to reduce the waste and monitor printing costs. Xerox has collaborated with GreenPrint software to eliminate the unnecessary pages. If you use Xerox, you can download it free with the solid ink MFPs. Scanning a document to your Xerox MFPs reduces storage demands and paper expenses. Scan hard copy documents and route them anywhere with the push of a button.

Our Cleveland copier store believes in the products we sell. We offer customers both Xerox and HP copiers, brands that have a proven track record for bringing innovation to the industry. In today’s world, businesses need to do whatever they can to reduce costs.