Improving Your Biz with High Quality Color

Expanding Your Food Business through Excellent Printing

In the food industry, the presentation of menus and event portfolios must be to perfection. They should showcase an appetizing color, feature creativity and appeal to the senses. In a recent challenge to a coffee chain owner, he was asked to produce customer proposals and marketing materials that grab customer’s attention. However, to have a real impact, they had to have a fast and reliable printer that delivered world-class quality.

Did he succeed and how? He did succeed, and the secret recipe of the owner’s success was found in the Xerox Phaser Solid Ink printer. When he realized that printing the marketing materials on a black-and-white laser jet would produce less than mouth-watering images, he investigated various printer to uncover the Xerox Phaser Solid Ink printer. Not only did it infuse documents with realistic color, but it saved time and money with faster printing speeds. In addition, Xerox’s cartridge-free solid ink technology freed up the valuable office space, and the ink sticks dropped into the color-coordinated trays without issue. If interested in the Xerox Phaser Solid Ink printer, contact our Cleveland company for further information.