Leasing a Copier in Cleveland

What is a Copier Lease?

An excellent means of purchasing office equipment without the need for outright payment, a copier lease saves cash from flowing out of the company. With leases, you only have to pay for the period you have used the copier. However, unless a dramatic change affects your business, we do not advise ending the copier lease early. The earlier that you upgrade or close your existing lease, the more that you will owe to the lease company.

At our Cleveland company, we maintain our customer’s lease details and advise them about the best time to upgrade or change equipment. However, a common issue associated with copier leases is knowing what to do after a lease ends. While most lease contracts instruct customers on what needs to be done, a letter usually has to be sent within 90 to 180 days prior to ending the lease. If the letter has not been sent, your copier lease will automatically be renewed for an additional month to a year. You must know when and how to contact your lease company to avoid issues with a copier lease.