Does My Meter Read Accurate on My Copier?

Every once in a while, you should track your printing for billing purposes. This will help you to determine an inaccurate invoice. One company said they printed 1,930 color prints and 338 black-and-white prints. While they may have missed a few, they definitely did not miss 3,000. The bill said they had to pay for 5,000 color.

How do you handle this situation? We take concerns like this very seriously, but in some cases, people have simply surprised themselves with how much they truly print. However, let us assume the copier counter did not read accurately? To ensure a fair billing, you can buy a box of paper with 5,000 sheets and go through the box without printing duplex. After you have finished, you should be 5,000 higher than when you started.

Second, you should print a configuration page and examine the activation date of your copier. In the third step, check your drivers, and you will know if your copier is keeping an accurate count of your pages. Major printing brands would encounter serious legal issues if they were intentionally messing with the meters to overcharge, which is why it is less likely than you might think. However, you still need to stay vigilant for malfunctioning meters that give inaccurate readings.