Disadvantages of Leasing a Copier

Before signing a lease, you should be aware of the disadvantages so that you can decide if it will be the right choice for you. Buying a copier outright is not the most popular option because a lot of companies have made leasing sound like a great deal. You have a lower initial investment combined with a copier immediately available.

However, you have to examine the contract carefully to make sure that the price of the lease does not balloon to many times the initial price. A lot of leasing companies lure customers in with monthly payments that are initially lower, but it skyrockets later.

In addition, you will always pay more for a lease than what you did with an outright purchase. While you do not pay it all at once, leasing companies want to make a profit on their investment, so they cleverly design the payments to earn a profit. It adds up to more over the long term than buying outright. Leasing does make sense for startup businesses that do not have a lot of capital to start with, but if you can afford to buy outright, we recommend customers do it.