Who Will Service Your Copier and Answers Questions?

You go to purchase a copier with the expectations that everything will go smoothly. Before you buy that machine, however, ask yourself, “Who will be responsible for servicing your machine?” At our company in Cleveland, we have a contract with Xerox, a corporate giant, that makes them responsible for the servicing of your copier. With lots of small businesses going under nowadays, wouldn’t it be great to know that a major manufacturer will stand behind you?

When it comes to servicing, you want big manufacturers to back you up, but when it comes to billing or usage questions, manufacturers can become a nightmare.

In many cases, you end up speaking with a representative from Singapore or the Dominican Republic, where English is their second or third language. They do great, given that they are attempting to answer highly advanced technical questions in another language, but oftentimes it takes longer than when you have native English speakers who are experts in the field. That is where we come in! We have established our business in Cleveland to address questions concerning copier usage. In addition, we can also help you to create a priority list to help you find the right copier for your business.