How Faith-Based Organizations Benefit from Managed Print Services

The greatest challenge and perhaps a huge goal for faith-based organizations is to share their message. Because many of these organizations will have minimal volunteer staff, time and money have to be considered. The amount of time and money an organization has will often influence whether they can attract new fellowship.

money concept  design, vector illustration eps10 graphic

money concept design, vector illustration eps10 graphic

From printing newsletters, pamphlets and bulletins, we have a serious need for a reliable yet cost-efficient printer. When you hire the work out to a managed print service, you do not have to worry about printing it yourself. In addition, you can oftentimes hit deadline without having to work to do it, and you do not have to pay for electricity because you will be using someone else to do it.

If you do not exercise caution, printer costs will eat up your budget. According to Gartner, one to three percent of the revenue from an organization will be spent on printing. With managed print services, you put everything in one place, and you can even get discounts with the right company. The biggest factor is choosing a good organization that will work closely with your ministry and provide you with a great discount.