Not Ready for a Paperless Office? Go Light

Over the last 40 years, paper consumption rose more than 400 percent. In a study from the US Environmental Protection Agency, paper has accounted for more than 35 percent of landfill waste. Businesses have relied on printed documents to survive, but because of that, it leaves the paperless office a goal that is still unattainable. Instead, we recommend going

What can offices do to go light? First, we recommend that people switch to an electronic invoicing. With electronic invoicing, you have eliminated the need to print invoices, and you do not have to pay for stamps or envelopes. In addition, we recommend letting customers know why you have switched from paper to email invoices.

We also recommend that business owners use a Document Imaging System. This will help you to manage and print your digital documents and convert them into an electronic format. Not only that, it allows you to store it into a secure place that allows for easy retrieval and indexing. When you reduce the need for printed documents, that will also reduce the need for having a place to store it.