Copier Leases: What Do I Need to Know?

Before you ever lay pen to paper and sign that dotted line, you should ask questions to increase your knowledge and understand what you are getting into. For example, every company does things a little differently, so it becomes essential to highlight what will and what will not be covered in each lease. Many people do not realize it, but you can actually negotiate the terms in your lease. Never sign a contract if something in it seems iffy.bankruptcy-alternatives

First, ask what will happen to your hard drive at the end of the lease. With the recent reports of ongoing security breaches, you want to take precautionary measures that prevent cyber criminals from accessing your information. The damage to company reputation and the possible fines are not worth it. Second, ask if the lease will cover service copies. When your copier breaks down, for example, the technician working on your machine will often run off several hundred impressions. Do you want to be the one paying for that?

Copier leases are contracts, and you do not want to sign them until you know the company will honor their end of the bargain. With questions, you understand what will and what will not be paid for. In addition, you can uncover hidden costs before they surprise you later.