Tips to Save Money on Your Next Lease


To save money on a lease, you must first understand its purpose to decide if it makes sense for you. A copier lease gives business owners a method of financing equipment, and you should talk to your tax specialist to learn about the tax benefits for your specific circumstances. The vast majority of companies who plan to lease a copier for under $3,000 would be better off putting it on their credit card because it provides them with a lower interest rate. Few companies, however, will take the time to explain how a lease works.

Copier leases can mean that you receive the copier only, or they could include the supplies and a maintenance program. The disadvantage to an all-inclusive lease, however, is that the bank will now be involved, you will have a harder time changing your base prints. We recommend that customers keep the two separate. Some customers fear that they will not be able to get a service contract if they do this. However, that fear only proves accurate if your copier company refuses to sell the machine separate from the service. To combat that issue, ask in advance.