Is it time to have your copier serviced?

malfunction-clipart-kicking_copierIs your copier making strange noises? Are you having paper jams during almost every print job? Is it time to have your copier serviced? Copiers are not only expensive pieces of equipment but vital to the efficiency and productivity of your office. It’s not worth it to save a few bucks on a repair when the alternative is having to buy a new machine! There are a few things you can try before calling your local copier service technician and some of them may even resolve your copier problems for you.

First, check for paper jams by opening the printer and looking for stuck or torn papers. Always make sure that you pull a paper jam out SLOWLY- don’t be impatient here- and hope that this solves your problem.

If you are seeing unsightly lines or streaks on your printed paper, make sure that the copier scanner is cleaned off and not the cause of the streaks. If this fix doesn’t resolve it, you will need to call your copier service technician to check on the drum.

Low toner can create low quality print, so make sure that the toner is full before you call a technician for this easy fix. If the toner is low, you will see uneven print or faded print. If this doesn’t fix you issues or you hear sounds that aren’t anything like your typical paper jam, turn off your printer and call your tech. You will be glad you did!