Xerox copiers

20As an authorized Xerox dealer in Cleveland, we want to you be your first choice for Xerox copiers. We stand behind the name of Xerox because of the brand’s worldwide reputation as a leader in both technology and manufacturing of quality copiers and printers. We are proud to represent Xerox copiers and educate ourselves extensively on all of the models in our inventory so that we can provide you with service above your expectations.

When most people think about copiers or printer, they will think about Xerox copiers. Oftentimes, offices will call their copier the “Xerox machine”, even if it’s not branded by the famous Xerox corporation. This is because the name of Xerox is synonymous with copy machines and all things related to it.

We offer several models of Xerox copiers and will be happy to consult with you to figure out what model will be the best fit for your office. Our inventory consists of desktop, black and white, color, multifunction printers and more! Do you work out of a home office? We have Xerox copiers that will fit your small space perfectly and offer you the value and quality that you expect.

No matter the size of your business, we have the copier that will fit your needs. Take the time to call one of our highly trained sales and leasing reps to learn more about our Xerox copiers.