Does my Copier Need Maintenance?

It can be nightmare to have your copier break down when you need it most. While most copiers never have serious problems, it is important to stay on top of potential problems. You can never predict if something is going to break, but you can pay attention to certain signs that may give away the seriousness of the problem. With all this being said, you may be left wondering, “does my copier need maintenance?”

When thinking about maintenance the first thing you should do is contact your user’s manual. This will always have the most information in an easily accessible location. Any small matters should be able to be resolved by looking through the manual.

Next think about these few questions to help diagnose your copier’s potential issues.

  • Are there any banging or grinding noises when you are using your copier?
  • Do you find loose bits of paper or toner in your copier?
  • Are there marks on the inside of your copier?
  • Is the problem a simple paper jam?

Think about these issues when considering if you need a technician. Paper jams are the number one problem that copiers encounter. These are easily fixed without the help of a technician.

You should never hear anything banging around or grinding in your copier. This is often the case when there is a mechanical issue in the copier. While the copier itself may be working fine now, it can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

It is similar for finding marks inside your machine. This means that certain components in your copier may be loosening. While thing may not be a huge problem initially, it can lead to much bigger issues down the road. This is the time to call a technician for help repairing your machine before it totally breaks down.

At Copier Cleveland we are always available to help with you copier needs. We have technicians available to visit and fix your machine. We are also available over the home for help troubleshooting before you call in the big guns.

If you need help maintaining your copier then contact us at Copier Cleveland today!