Adding Security to your copier

In the age of cyber security it is surprising that more people are not aware of the dangers in their own business copier. While people spend thousands to ensure their networks are protected, few go through the process of protecting their copier. Many people do not understand why adding security to your copier is important, but at Copier Cleveland we are here to help you understand the potential dangers.

Inside of practically every copier on the market is a hard drive. This hard drive helps with a variety of functions inside the copier. The extra memory helps with important tasks like automating common jobs. It also saves a copy of every single image sent through that particular copier.

While this extra copy of the hard drive is useful for businesses, it can also be useful to anyone who may access that hard drive. A plethora of sensitive information is printed and copied every day without people really thinking about it. Things like:

  • Social security numbers
  • Personal Addresses of friends and family
  • Sensitive information regarding your business
  • Contact information of private individuals

If any of these were to get in the wrong hands then your business relationships and personal contacts can be in danger. That is why companies like Xerox offer options to help add security to your copier.

The most common security addition on copiers is a security kit. This will erase the entirety of the hard drives copies directly after each copy. This essentially ensures that even if someone was able to access your hard drive, there would be nothing there to steal.

Your business cannot afford to take the risk of working without security. It only takes one security breach to have your integrity questioned. It leaves you asking yourself if the risk is worth the small cost.

If you want to know more about adding security to your copier then please contact us at Copier Cleveland. We are the experts on copiers in Cleveland and would be happy to help you with whatever you may need.