Stop Spending Too Much on Prints

Getting a good lease rate is not the only way to save money on your copier. On top of your monthly lease there are a variety of consumable to keep track of every month. Probably the biggest expense of your copier is your print costs. While this is obviously a necessary expense for a copier, we want to help you stop spending too much on prints.

The truth is that most people are not necessary spending too much on prints, it’s that they are buying more prints than they need. You see, leasing companies love to try and sell you more prints than you need. They will scare you into spending more money than you planned, and it goes right into your pocket.

Their trick is to make you think that buying more than you need is safer than buying more if you need it. They will say that the price per print will be higher if you need to restock during the middle of the month. This is true, however it’s usually better to buy more for a specific one-time overage, then continuously spend extra every month.

For example:

  • If you wanted 25,000 prints per month it might be offered at $.015 per print
  • A leasing company might suggest to do 30,000 prints per month at $.014 per print. That way you have extra if you need it, and the price per print is less, so it’s like a deal.

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. You will be spending an extra $45 on prints every month that you likely will never use. And the prints DO NOT ROLLOVER to the next month.

Stop spending too much on prints that you don’t use. Always be conservative when buying prints, because its better to buy what you need, than waste money every month.