Upgrading your Copier

Think back to the past few months and consider how your copier has been treating you. Is it holding up to what you thought it would be, or are some demands not being met? Is it working at the speed it began at and are parts still looking fresh? If not, then it may be time to consider upgrading your copier.

The best time to upgrade a copier is near the end of your lease. This will give you time to research and begin negotiating for something that fits your needs. If you have made it to the end of your lease then you will not have to buy out, or worry about paying to upgrade. At this time, it probably is time to upgrade anyway just based on the speed that technology increases.

Even if you are only a few years into your lease, it still may a good idea to upgrade. Needs change if your business grows and sometimes what you have just won’t cut it anymore. Your success may put you in a place where an upgrade is becoming a necessity. You can often work with your leasing company to upgrade for a minimal charge if you continue leasing with them.

Come work with us at Copier Cleveland and we can figure out what the best step would be for you. We can sit down and go over your previous lease and figure out the best option moving forward. We know how to set you up with a solution that will make you happy. Call us today and we can upgrade your copier to something that will really get your business going.